The Scoop on Parking

Parking viewFor years we’ve enjoyed practically “curb to door” parking at Bishopgate. The good news is things won’t be drastically different at Riverplace Tower, where we’ll have free, ample parking.

We’ll have 12 spaces in the attached garage available on a first come basis. If you’d like a garage parking space, let Jeri know. If more than 12 folks are interested, we’ll hold a lottery to award spaces. If you win, you are the permanent “owner” of that space, and you’ll receive a window decal for access. There are no designated or assigned spaces; you can take the first parking spot available after the “reserved” spaces. If you choose or win a garage parking space, you can’t park in the surface lot.

We’ll have 29 parking spaces in the surface lot, which is in front of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, just a short walk from the Tower’s front door. Folks parking in the surface lot will also have a window decal that allows access.

Visitors to the agency will also park in the surface lot, and we’ll validate their ticket so their parking is free.


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