Progress Report 1


Tearing down the house
Demolition of the existing 11th floor interior got underway last week. We’ve hired Dav-Lin Interior Contractors for the build-out. Check out build-outs they’ve done for other companies at Tom and Jeff Hite are working with our space planner, Connie Turner, and Dav-Lin to design the office. Floor plan and renderings will be shared as soon as they are completed.

Mover selected
Jeri interviewed three moving companies and Suddath was selected as our mover. Suddath expressed a preference to pack materials destined for Riverplace in plastic crates that they will supply. So concentrate on packing items you want to put in storage until we learn when we’ll receive crates. Although Suddath will move contents to Riverplace Tower on Saturday, Oct. 12, Shepherd will close Friday, Oct. 11, for final preparations.

Looks like we’re making good progress with our weekly Pack-n-Purge Party. Still have plenty of space in the dumpster, so remember to toss items 7 years or older. The brown boxes in the downstairs hallway should be used to pack items for storage. Our storage location is the Museum; you’ll have an easier time retrieving items from storage if you tape completed inventory forms to your boxes and keep a copy for yourself (and don’t forget a copy for Jeri). You can download inventory forms at or find them in various spots throughout the agency (table at top of the stairs, kitchen, bathrooms, sign-out area, etc.).

Changes to Riverside lobby
You’ll notice a few changes to our lobby this week. We’ve added a panoramic photo of the view from our 11th floor space in the lobby above the wood panel wall. It shows views looking west, north and east.

Media Works will come by this week to disassemble our lobby artwork. Once that’s done, boxes going to storage should be taken to and stacked in the lobby. Boxes will be moved to the Museum on a regular basis.

Parking reminder
Just a reminder, if you’re interested in a garage parking space at Riverside Tower, let Jeri know. She’s keeping the list of interested folks. If more than 12 folks want to park in the garage, we’ll hold a lottery.

The Shepherd Moves blog is the central spot for all things related to our move. Got a question? Please submit it to


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  1. Can’t wait to see it!

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