Time to get a move on it!



Only 5 Fridays left to pack and purge everything. Not seeing much in the dumpster, so let’s rectify that today! To fuel your efforts, today’s yummies include pita, veggies and hummus, along with the usual beverages.

Hearty thanks to the individuals who agreed to lead the P-n-P efforts for the common areas. Please lend a hand to these folks as they sort through and pack the areas that we all use.

  • Paste up room:  Shelley
  • Harry Potter room:  Jessica/Kendrick/Tom/Jeff H.
  • Storage across from kitchen:  Joan
  • Upstairs closet near Jacquie’s office:  Jay
  • Third floor:  Tom
  • Upstairs back wall/cubbies:  Jay/Tom
  • Jeri :  Kitchen, large conf room, closet by back door, supply room

Let’s also thank Jeri for organizing and providing the food and refreshments for our Pack-N-Purge parties.


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