We’re moving in 2 weeks!

Suddath presentation
Please mark your calendars! On Tuesday, October 1, from 10-11:30 Taylor Calfee and Dan Singleton from Suddath will give us the scoop on the move – what we must do and what we can expect. Every one of us is responsible for correctly packing and labeling their office materials to Suddath’s requirements. And you may be needed to help with pack common areas. All materials going to Riverplace Tower must be packed in plastic crates supplied by Suddath. Crates will be available at this meeting, so grab one and move like Jagger to pack your stuff! If you’ve packed items in cardboard boxes, you’ll need to repack them.

Pack storage items today
It’s important that you pack items for storage during today’s Pack-n-Purge Party. All materials going into storage must be packed and in the lobby by Oct. 4 – that’s next Friday!

Office supplies
Next week, Jeri and Debbie plan to pack most office supplies, so get what you need early next week. Of course, small quantities of envelopes, stationery, and other items used daily will remain available, but the bulk of items in the supply cabinets will be packed.

Be here October 11
Although we won’t be open for business to service clients on October 11, it is a work day. We’ll spend at least part of the day wrapping up the last bit of packing and purging, so everyone is expected to show up in the morning.


3 thoughts on “We’re moving in 2 weeks!

  1. Thank you GANG for keeping us in line and “moving”!! I will not be able to make the Moving meeting as Damon and I will be on a shoot. Sorry to miss it! Each day is getting more exciting!!! Love all of the information coming out way – THANK YOU!!!

  2. I am gonna plant 10 trees when we leave Bishop Gate, because I’ve killed a bunch. Our move is gonna be fun!

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