Counting down the final week

Was it the appearance of the Suddath packing crates in the lobby or the demolition of the Duval County Medical Society building that initiated Wednesday’s frenzied packing and purging activities? Whatever the cause, we’re gaining momentum with only a week left until the move date.

Packing for Riverplace Tower
Every workspace, including common areas, has been assigned a number that tells movers where to place each crate/item on the 10th floor. Since our meeting on Tuesday, the floor plan numbering scheme changed. Go to the link below to get the final floor plan and your number.

Top packing tips:
• Number everything – your chair, your desk, your filing drawers, your computer, your blue moving crates – using the labels provided by Suddath. The self-adhesive labels have a space for you to write your workspace number. Go to Debbie’s desk to pick up your supply of labels.

• Use the blue plastic moving crates for stuff going to Riverplace Tower. Grab a rolling dolly and stack up to four crates on it. All crates and dollys are in the lobby.

• Leave the filled crates at your workspace. Suddath movers will take it from there.

• Mark your workspace layout on the sheet provided by Suddath. This will tell the movers where to place your furniture in your new workspace. Turn in the completed layout to Jeri on Thursday, Oct. 10.

Be sure to check Suddath’s complete moving instructions package for tips on how to pack and label all items going to Riverplace Tower.

10th-floor plan_Version 2
Suddath move instructions package

Contingency plan for servers
We are super prepared for transferring our servers to the new office.
How prepared are we?
• We are so prepared Building IT is testing the connection today, Oct. 4, and will carry on through next week.
• We are so prepared we have backup copies of our servers in three different locations.
• We are so prepared we even have three contingency plans in the event Murphy’s Law interferes with our need to be up and running on Oct. 14.

If it will make you feel more prepared, you are welcome to save your current project files to your desktop. But rest assured, your chances of needing to use it are .00001 percent*.

*Not a scientific calculation. Prepared by a marketing communications professional. This Pack-n-Purge update includes “forward-looking statements.” If underlying assumptions prove inaccurate or risks or uncertainties materialize, actual results may differ materially from those set forth in the forward-looking statements. Risks and uncertainties include but are not limited to: traffic conditions and driver aptitude during transport; acts of God e.g. hurricanes, earthquakes, lightning strikes, and Godzilla; and acts of Man e.g. explosions, terrorist attacks and ship captain steering errors.

Change of address notifications
Jeri submitted the agency’s change of address to the USPS. If you have magazine subscriptions or other personal mail delivered to Bishopgate, you’ll need to notify the senders of the address change. With every vendor payment, we’re including a notice of our new address. The same notice is included with invoices to clients, and, of course, our account services team is personally notifying their client contacts. On Oct. 10, we’ll add a new rotator and article to our website.


2 thoughts on “Counting down the final week

  1. Do desk lamps just get tagged, or should we stuff them in the packing boxes?

    • Depends on the size. If it’s a desk lamp that folds, you might want to wrap it in bubble wrap, then put into a plastic crate. If it’s more like a table lamp, put a sticker on it. I recommend removing the light bulb in either case.

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