Fond memories of Bishopgate

A lot of memories have been made here at Bishopgate. As we prepare to move on, we asked a few folks to share their fondest or favorite memory that occurred at 500 Bishopgate. If you’ve got a memory – good or bad – share it! Photos and videos are welcome!

My favorite memory is the morning we found the Mercedes Benz in the St. Johns! We found out later that the owner was behind on his payments and tried to make it look like the car had been stolen and then driven into the river by crazed teenagers. Unfortunately for him, he did not realize the river was only 3 feet deep!

That's not a parking spot...

That’s not a parking spot…

Mike Barile and I assembled all of the Ikea furniture in the beginning and through the years, and for one of our redesigns (in 2002! I just found my expense report) I built the Japanese-style frames that initially housed our file cabinet “archives” down in the middle section and now have been repurposed to dress up the Fiery/archive machine area upstairs. There were some late nights on all of those projects.

Jay's Expense Report

Jay’s Expense Report from 2002

What are your favorite memories about 500 Bishopgate Lane? Watch Jackie and Nancy tell theirs:


One thought on “Fond memories of Bishopgate

  1. My favorite memory happened on a typical summer stormy afternoon. The wind was whipping, the sky was dark and someone spotted a waterspout south of us. The word quickly spread throughout the building. People rushed outside to see it and to take photos and video of the oncoming mini-twister. Shouldn’t everyone have been taken shelter inside? Not the Shepherd staff — you adventurous, thrill-seekers you!


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