Kaz & Courtney Go Cross-Country

Courtney, Kaz, Stitch and Sookie prepare to hit the road

Courtney, Kaz, Stitch and Sookie prepare to hit the road

Monday, Oct. 28, 2013 — Today Kaz begins his journey to Las Vegas, accompanied by Courtney, Sookie and Stitch. And, because Courtney agreed to share their daily adventures through photos and videos, we’re vicariously traveling with them on the 2,217 mile road trip! Check Shepherd Moves daily to learn about their progress.

So that Kaz didn’t have to double-back to the Westside, this morning Jeri picked up Courtney and drove her to Kaz’s place. Sookie made it clear she was ready to hit the road, taking her place in the driver’s seat while Kaz, Courtney and Jeri packed the car. No early bird start for the duo – they hit I-10 just a bit after 10:00 (had to wait for Kaz’s laundry to dry!). Today’s destination: New Orleans, 548 miles away, about an eight drive.

Sookie perches in the driver's seat, eagerly waiting to hit the road.

Sookie perches in the driver’s seat, eagerly waiting to hit the road.

Sookie settled down on the way to Tallahassee

Sookie settled down on the way to Tallahassee


New business cards for all Jax staff

We’ve got the new stationery, now it’s time to order business cards with our Riverplace Tower mailing address. I’ll be working with Shelley to place the order. You’ll receive 200 cards with your egg selection on file and your personal information, with our new address, of course. If you have any changes, email the information to me by Thursday, Oct. 31. Sarah – got you covered with your choice of egg design and title.

What’s cooking in the kitchen?

Although it’s not quite the homey set up we had at Bishopgate, our current kitchen remains an impromptu gathering place for chats and visits. Recently, we’ve received a few new additions.

New toasters — Thanks to Jeri, we now have not just one but two new Oster toasters. The four-slot toaster has extra wide slots along with settings for toast, bagel, defrost and warm/reheat. The countertop oven allows you to toast, bake or broil. Now, about that microwave…

Vending machines – Jeri and Jeff made a mini Costco run earlier this week to stock up the soda vending machine. Still a deal at 50 cents per can. Our coffee and water service has resumed and we were just restocked today. Don’t forget, the Crystal Light mix is in the cabinet above the sink and the hot chocolate can be found in the cabinet next to the fridge.

What do you think?
As Shiffy has shared, the design of our new office will feature a mix of contemporary elements along with a twist on the traditional. That approach will be no more apparent than the kitchen/collaboration area. This area will feature a long tile countertop for plenty of workspace, wood/metal highboy tables and a mix of seating. One type of seating option being considered is pictured below.

What do you think of the chat chair?

What do you think of the chat chair?

This column-like seat measures 26.5” tall by 9” wide and is covered in a felt-like material. It’s called the “one-cheeker” for a reason – it’s designed for those casual impromptu gatherings when you might perch or lean on the column for a few minutes while chatting. It will easily slide under a table to allow more room. So, what do you think of this choice? Take a look and give the chat chair a test; it’s located in the lobby near Debbie’s desk. “Tawk amongst ya-selves” and submit your comments below. Your feedback will factor into whether we go forward with this option!

Tawk amongst ya-selves and voice your opinion about the kitchen chat chair.

Tawk amongst ya-selves and voice your opinion about the kitchen chat chair.

Lunch and happy hour transportation options, with a side of convenience

By Matt Caven

At our new Southbank location, we’re a short hop from more options for lunch, dinner and happy hour in Jacksonville’s “urban core.” Rather than driving and dealing with the parking conundrum downtown is infamous for, alternative transportation makes getting there easy.

All negative connotations aside, your best bet for a hassle-free trip downtown is the Skyway Express. The closest access point is the Riverplace Station, just one block from our office, at the intersection of Flagler Avenue and Mary Street. The second closest point is next to the Acosta Bridge on San Marco Boulevard and Mary Street. Either way, you can’t beat the price – it doesn’t cost you a cent. The Skyway runs from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday – Friday. Just hop off at the Hemming Plaza Station and walk to your favorite restaurant. During peak times, the Skyway comes through the stations every three minutes; during down times, they circulate every six minutes.

For a more scenic and leisurely route, take water taxi. Taxis run from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m., Sunday through Thursday. They cost a little more, with adults paying $3 each way. Children, ages 10 and under, can ride the taxi for only two dollars. On weekends, rates are $5 for adults and $4 for children.

Smart map technology makes learning public transportation routes to downtown easier to understand. To find more details on a particular route, hover your mouse over the route name and it will display specific information. Here are some links, provided by the Jacksonville Transportation Authority, you can bookmark for future reference:

Downtown Smart Map: http://www.smartmaps.com/test/jtfladtmap.htm

Downtown Skyway Schedule and Information: http://www.jtafla.com/Schedules/showPage.aspx?Sel=15 and http://www.jtafla.com/pdf/Skyway/skyway%20brochure.pdf

Water Taxi Information: http://downtownjacksonville.org/locations/l-152-jacksonville-water-taxi.aspx

Shepherd has arrived!

Welcome to Riverplace Tower

Gate Properties sent us this beautiful orchid to with a warm welcome. Our lobby will be home for the orchid.

Gate Properties sent us this beautiful orchid to with a warm welcome. Our lobby will be home for the orchid.

According to Jeri and others who supervised the move over the weekend, everything went well. No major assets broken, lost boxes or other catastrophies. Servers are up and running and we’re back to business! Whew!

A few updates for today:
Janitorial service – Gate Properties will provide janitorial service while we’re on the 10th floor, so sadly, we won’t see our friend Lonzie at the end of our day to talk football with him.

Phone service – AT&T visited us today. Looks like our phone service will be in place tomorrow, Tuesday. We’ll also get the new phone numbers for our conference and fax lines.

New Halloween tradition – Riverplace Tower has a lovely tradition for Halloween and has asked Shepherd to participate. About 65 children from the Chappell School, located on the concourse, go trick-or-treating in costume on Halloween morning, visiting other companies in the building. Next week, we’ll learn the time and number of children that will visit Shepherd.

If you have any questions about our new home, or need anything for your office, please leave a comment!

A few last minute items

AT&T customer service lets us down…but they can’t keep us down
AT&T just told us our phones at Riverplace Tower may not be operational until Wednesday, Oct. 16. We have a contingency plan to address this! Calls to our main Jacksonville number will be forwarded to three “go phones” that will be in place tomorrow. Debbie, Jeri and Joan will take calls to this number as well as retrieve any messages. We’re asking all Jax account managers to inform clients they should reach you at your cell phone number until service is restored. Atlanta staff should also use cell phone numbers for Jacksonville staff.

Internet testing successful
Building IT completed successful testing of our Internet connectivity at Riverplace Tower last Friday, a good indicator things will go smoothly when we move. While on the 10th floor, we’ll have six T1 lines, with a speed of 10 Mbps. The T1 lines are temporary until fiber optics are extended to our server room. With a fiber optic connection, at 20 Mbps we’ll have twice the capacity and speed than we do today.

BIG thank you to Jeri, Debbie and Joan
A HUGE thank you and round of applause for Jeri, Debbie and Joan for their extra efforts with the move. They’ve tackled the packing and purging of many of the common areas and open workspaces, managed the removal and packing of artwork, and lent a hand to others whose workload has slowed their progress. And Jeri has done a superb job of coordinating vendors…and Jeff Hite! No small feat!

Recap of Riverplace Tower Tour

Our tour leader

Our tour leader

Checking out the future home of the creative team.

Checking out the future home of the creative team.

Now that you’ve had a look at our temporary space as well as seeing the “bones” of our permanent office, what are your impressions? Share your thoughts through the comments form!
10th-floor plan_Version3
11th-floor plan

Just a few reminders from the tour:

  • Floor plan – The 10th floor plan has been refined yet again. Click on the link below to get the version 3.
  • Office keys – If you regularly arrive for work before Jeri or Debbie (before 8:30) or if you often work well beyond 5:30, you may want to get an office key. The key will open any entrance to the 10th floor. Let Jeri know your interest.
  • Furniture layouts – Debbie is collecting workspace furniture layouts for the 10th floor; all forms are due Friday morning, Oct. 11. She also has blank forms if you need one.
  • Parking passes – Jeri will have garage decals and surface lot key cards on Friday. Parking attendants are aware of our move schedule, so if you arrive on Tuesday without a pass or decal, no worries.
  • Move Day, Friday, Oct. 11 – Everyone is expected here at 8:30 to help with the last minute moving details. Lunch will be provided.

Kitchen changes
Coffee and the water dispenser were removed today, but help yourself to bottled water. There isn’t room in the fridge, so the water isn’t chilled. Because coffee service will resume and our chilled water dispenser will be installed at Riverplace Tower on Tuesday, Oct. 15, we’ll bring in a few gallons of coffee and some bottled water.

Our refrigerator will be cleaned tomorrow afternoon (Thursday, Oct. 10). So claim your stuff or it will be tossed. Friday afternoon the fridge will be disconnected to clear the icemaker, and vending machines will be emptied as well.

If you have any questions about the move or our offices, please use the comments form! We’ll answer as soon as possible.