What’s cooking in the kitchen?

Although it’s not quite the homey set up we had at Bishopgate, our current kitchen remains an impromptu gathering place for chats and visits. Recently, we’ve received a few new additions.

New toasters — Thanks to Jeri, we now have not just one but two new Oster toasters. The four-slot toaster has extra wide slots along with settings for toast, bagel, defrost and warm/reheat. The countertop oven allows you to toast, bake or broil. Now, about that microwave…

Vending machines – Jeri and Jeff made a mini Costco run earlier this week to stock up the soda vending machine. Still a deal at 50 cents per can. Our coffee and water service has resumed and we were just restocked today. Don’t forget, the Crystal Light mix is in the cabinet above the sink and the hot chocolate can be found in the cabinet next to the fridge.

What do you think?
As Shiffy has shared, the design of our new office will feature a mix of contemporary elements along with a twist on the traditional. That approach will be no more apparent than the kitchen/collaboration area. This area will feature a long tile countertop for plenty of workspace, wood/metal highboy tables and a mix of seating. One type of seating option being considered is pictured below.

What do you think of the chat chair?

What do you think of the chat chair?

This column-like seat measures 26.5” tall by 9” wide and is covered in a felt-like material. It’s called the “one-cheeker” for a reason – it’s designed for those casual impromptu gatherings when you might perch or lean on the column for a few minutes while chatting. It will easily slide under a table to allow more room. So, what do you think of this choice? Take a look and give the chat chair a test; it’s located in the lobby near Debbie’s desk. “Tawk amongst ya-selves” and submit your comments below. Your feedback will factor into whether we go forward with this option!

Tawk amongst ya-selves and voice your opinion about the kitchen chat chair.

Tawk amongst ya-selves and voice your opinion about the kitchen chat chair.


What to expect at Riverplace Tower, 10th floor

Directory-at-Riverplace_SIGNLooks like we’ll be in temporary office space on the 10th floor till January. While we’re designing and building our new permanent office on the 11th floor, what can we expect of our temporary space?

We’re basically taking the 10th floor “as is,” which includes a few offices and a lot of open workspace. For the most part, our temporary office is an open work environment, without floor-to-ceiling walls or partitions. We’ll use our current office furniture; Suddath will move our desks, chairs, tables, file cabinets, bookcases, lamps, etc. Suddath will also move our computers. Please don ‘t pack your monitors or computers.

Internet Access
Internet service and capacity will be comparable to what we have now. We don’t anticipate any delays or issues sending data.

Break room
We have a break room with a sink, microwave, toaster oven and fridge, but no stove. Rather than packing kitchen wares twice, we’ll use paper products and plastic cutlery until our move to the 11th floor. Yeah, it’s not exactly an environmentally friendly, but you’re welcome to bring your own utensils, plates, bowls, coffee mug and drinking cups to reduce use of paper/plastic products. Keep in mind you’ll have to either hand wash or take them home every day since we don’t have an operational dishwasher.

Conference rooms
We’ll have two conference rooms; one room will be outfitted with furniture from the middle conference room, including the conference phone. Plans are in the making on how to furnish the other conference room, since it won’t accommodate our large conference table. Both rooms will have internet access, but we don’t plan to install TVs.

Shepherd is joining the University Club (for modest cost), so if we have new business or client meetings that require a more aesthetic environment, we can arrange to use the club’s meeting space on the 28th floor.

Riverplace Tower maintains the bathrooms, which are located off the elevator lobby. And yes, the bathroom tissue is much improved!

What more do you want to know about our space on the 10th floor? Leave a comment and we’ll respond!