A bloody good time on Halloween

You can take part in a couple of feel-good activities on Halloween right here at the office. First, the two-year olds from the Chappell School (located on the concourse) will visit us in costume. Jeri bought not only candy, but also healthier choices such as mini goldfish, fruit rollups and the like; she’ll distribute them to us so we’ll all be able to hand out treats to the little ones. The kids will troupe through our office at 9:30.

Halloween brings visions of blood and gore, but if you’re in the mood for leaving a little blood, donate a pint to the Blood Alliance. On Thursday, Roger Towers is hosting a blood drive from 1 – 4:45. The Blood Alliance blood mobile will be parked in the West Drive. If you’re interested in donating, please make an appointment with Deb Spadea at dspadea@rtlaw.com. The process, which takes less than one hour, involves completing a health history questionnaire and screening interview and undergoing a brief exam of blood pressure, pulse, temperature and a test for anemia. If you have questions about your eligibility to give blood, check out this website: http://www.igiveblood.com/give-blood/blood-donation-faqs.

  • One pint of blood can save three people.
  • Someone needs blood every 2 seconds.
  • 65% of us can donate, but only 5% of us do.
  • If you give 3 pints of blood a year, we would never have a shortage.

Shepherd has arrived!

Welcome to Riverplace Tower

Gate Properties sent us this beautiful orchid to with a warm welcome. Our lobby will be home for the orchid.

Gate Properties sent us this beautiful orchid to with a warm welcome. Our lobby will be home for the orchid.

According to Jeri and others who supervised the move over the weekend, everything went well. No major assets broken, lost boxes or other catastrophies. Servers are up and running and we’re back to business! Whew!

A few updates for today:
Janitorial service – Gate Properties will provide janitorial service while we’re on the 10th floor, so sadly, we won’t see our friend Lonzie at the end of our day to talk football with him.

Phone service – AT&T visited us today. Looks like our phone service will be in place tomorrow, Tuesday. We’ll also get the new phone numbers for our conference and fax lines.

New Halloween tradition – Riverplace Tower has a lovely tradition for Halloween and has asked Shepherd to participate. About 65 children from the Chappell School, located on the concourse, go trick-or-treating in costume on Halloween morning, visiting other companies in the building. Next week, we’ll learn the time and number of children that will visit Shepherd.

If you have any questions about our new home, or need anything for your office, please leave a comment!