Build-out of 11th floor nears completion

We’ve heard a lot of banging, grinding and drilling coming from the 11th floor recently, so we peeked at the progress.

Construction is nearing completion! Finishing touches such as painting and installation of drop ceilings, carpet and counter tops for the break room and catering kitchen are in progress and should be completed this week. The plan is to install furniture the week of Dec. 2, with installation of our key card access and noise suppression systems taking place December 9-20. We’re targeting the week of Dec. 16 for a full staff tour. If all goes as planned, we hope to move on Dec. 20 or 27.

We’re working closely with Suddath and Building IT to minimize any disruption to work, recognizing that we’re at capacity during December with production. The move to 11 certainly won’t require the same level of effort as our October move. Once again, Suddath will move our large file cabinets and select furniture. The plastic packing crates will make an appearance around mid-December, and Suddath will transfer those as well. Building IT will install phones and computers. Dex will relocate and set up the copiers and Fiery.

Flooring and the drop ceiling in the lobby are installed.

Flooring and the drop ceiling in the lobby are installed.

Offices along the account services hallway are now enclosed.

Offices along the account services hallway are now enclosed.

Catering kitchen cabinets and flooring are in; counter top will be installed this week.

Catering kitchen cabinets and flooring are in; counter top will be installed this week.

In the break room/collaboration area, cabinets and flooring have been installed, and furniture ordered.

In the break room/collaboration area, cabinets and flooring have been installed, and furniture ordered.

Router testing and fiber optic upgrade
Next Tuesday, Nov. 19, AT& T will install and test our router between 4:30 and 5:00. During the test, Jacksonville won’t have access to email, Appwright or the Internet. If all goes well (i.e., AT&T sends the correct router), we’ll have our fiber optic connection Tuesday night.

Old furniture going to charity
With new office furniture, we must find a home for our existing furniture. Before our move, we’ll conduct an inventory of all furniture and its condition. Some furniture will be taken to the Museum for event use, while the remainder will be donated to a local charity. Suddath has graciously agreed to deliver the furniture to the charity of our choice. So that begs the question: What worthy charitable organization should receive our old furniture? Leave a comment and we’ll report all the suggestions in a future post!

Holiday party on Nov. 30
There’s no better viewing spot for the annual Jacksonville Light Parade and Fireworks than our current 10th floor office. So bring your family and any out-of-town guests staying for Thanksgiving to our Holiday party on Saturday, Nov. 30, starting at 7:00. We’ll have beer, wine and other holiday drinks with hors de ‘oeuvres. Everyone’s invited to a tree trimming and we’ll have activity stations for the kids. Please RSVP to Theresa by Nov. 25.


A few last minute items

AT&T customer service lets us down…but they can’t keep us down
AT&T just told us our phones at Riverplace Tower may not be operational until Wednesday, Oct. 16. We have a contingency plan to address this! Calls to our main Jacksonville number will be forwarded to three “go phones” that will be in place tomorrow. Debbie, Jeri and Joan will take calls to this number as well as retrieve any messages. We’re asking all Jax account managers to inform clients they should reach you at your cell phone number until service is restored. Atlanta staff should also use cell phone numbers for Jacksonville staff.

Internet testing successful
Building IT completed successful testing of our Internet connectivity at Riverplace Tower last Friday, a good indicator things will go smoothly when we move. While on the 10th floor, we’ll have six T1 lines, with a speed of 10 Mbps. The T1 lines are temporary until fiber optics are extended to our server room. With a fiber optic connection, at 20 Mbps we’ll have twice the capacity and speed than we do today.

BIG thank you to Jeri, Debbie and Joan
A HUGE thank you and round of applause for Jeri, Debbie and Joan for their extra efforts with the move. They’ve tackled the packing and purging of many of the common areas and open workspaces, managed the removal and packing of artwork, and lent a hand to others whose workload has slowed their progress. And Jeri has done a superb job of coordinating vendors…and Jeff Hite! No small feat!

What to expect at Riverplace Tower, 10th floor

Directory-at-Riverplace_SIGNLooks like we’ll be in temporary office space on the 10th floor till January. While we’re designing and building our new permanent office on the 11th floor, what can we expect of our temporary space?

We’re basically taking the 10th floor “as is,” which includes a few offices and a lot of open workspace. For the most part, our temporary office is an open work environment, without floor-to-ceiling walls or partitions. We’ll use our current office furniture; Suddath will move our desks, chairs, tables, file cabinets, bookcases, lamps, etc. Suddath will also move our computers. Please don ‘t pack your monitors or computers.

Internet Access
Internet service and capacity will be comparable to what we have now. We don’t anticipate any delays or issues sending data.

Break room
We have a break room with a sink, microwave, toaster oven and fridge, but no stove. Rather than packing kitchen wares twice, we’ll use paper products and plastic cutlery until our move to the 11th floor. Yeah, it’s not exactly an environmentally friendly, but you’re welcome to bring your own utensils, plates, bowls, coffee mug and drinking cups to reduce use of paper/plastic products. Keep in mind you’ll have to either hand wash or take them home every day since we don’t have an operational dishwasher.

Conference rooms
We’ll have two conference rooms; one room will be outfitted with furniture from the middle conference room, including the conference phone. Plans are in the making on how to furnish the other conference room, since it won’t accommodate our large conference table. Both rooms will have internet access, but we don’t plan to install TVs.

Shepherd is joining the University Club (for modest cost), so if we have new business or client meetings that require a more aesthetic environment, we can arrange to use the club’s meeting space on the 28th floor.

Riverplace Tower maintains the bathrooms, which are located off the elevator lobby. And yes, the bathroom tissue is much improved!

What more do you want to know about our space on the 10th floor? Leave a comment and we’ll respond!