Shepherd has arrived!

Welcome to Riverplace Tower

Gate Properties sent us this beautiful orchid to with a warm welcome. Our lobby will be home for the orchid.

Gate Properties sent us this beautiful orchid to with a warm welcome. Our lobby will be home for the orchid.

According to Jeri and others who supervised the move over the weekend, everything went well. No major assets broken, lost boxes or other catastrophies. Servers are up and running and we’re back to business! Whew!

A few updates for today:
Janitorial service – Gate Properties will provide janitorial service while we’re on the 10th floor, so sadly, we won’t see our friend Lonzie at the end of our day to talk football with him.

Phone service – AT&T visited us today. Looks like our phone service will be in place tomorrow, Tuesday. We’ll also get the new phone numbers for our conference and fax lines.

New Halloween tradition – Riverplace Tower has a lovely tradition for Halloween and has asked Shepherd to participate. About 65 children from the Chappell School, located on the concourse, go trick-or-treating in costume on Halloween morning, visiting other companies in the building. Next week, we’ll learn the time and number of children that will visit Shepherd.

If you have any questions about our new home, or need anything for your office, please leave a comment!


A few last minute items

AT&T customer service lets us down…but they can’t keep us down
AT&T just told us our phones at Riverplace Tower may not be operational until Wednesday, Oct. 16. We have a contingency plan to address this! Calls to our main Jacksonville number will be forwarded to three “go phones” that will be in place tomorrow. Debbie, Jeri and Joan will take calls to this number as well as retrieve any messages. We’re asking all Jax account managers to inform clients they should reach you at your cell phone number until service is restored. Atlanta staff should also use cell phone numbers for Jacksonville staff.

Internet testing successful
Building IT completed successful testing of our Internet connectivity at Riverplace Tower last Friday, a good indicator things will go smoothly when we move. While on the 10th floor, we’ll have six T1 lines, with a speed of 10 Mbps. The T1 lines are temporary until fiber optics are extended to our server room. With a fiber optic connection, at 20 Mbps we’ll have twice the capacity and speed than we do today.

BIG thank you to Jeri, Debbie and Joan
A HUGE thank you and round of applause for Jeri, Debbie and Joan for their extra efforts with the move. They’ve tackled the packing and purging of many of the common areas and open workspaces, managed the removal and packing of artwork, and lent a hand to others whose workload has slowed their progress. And Jeri has done a superb job of coordinating vendors…and Jeff Hite! No small feat!

Follow up from Oct. 4 Sneak Peek staff meeting

A few questions were raised last Friday during our staff meeting when we learned more about our permanent office space. Got your answers below!

Will the back entrance (to creative) be locked or accessible by key card?
Yes, both rear entrances, one to creative area and the second to the break room, will be locked. We’re researching the cost and timing to install a key card security system. Our front entrance will have a traditional bolt lock because the doors are all glass. To access the office after hours (before 6 a.m. and after 6 p.m.) you’ll need to check in with the security guard who will give you elevator access to the floor.

Will we use Suddath to move us from the 10th floor to the 11th floor?
We haven’t finalized all the details for our second move, but we’ll likely use Suddath again.

What is the demolition date for Bishopgate?
Hallmark Partners, the new owners, have not shared a date for demolition, but they’ve said it will be within 30 days of our move.

Should phones be packed in the blue crates or in the bags for all the peripheral computer items (keyboards, cords)?
No need to pack your phone. Building IT will pack phones and computer workstations.