Join the Riverplace Tower community in helping others this holiday season

One benefit of working in a building with other tenants is a sense of community. This holiday season, Gate Foundation is offering the Riverplace Tower community two more opportunities to help others in need. In addition to the food drive for the Second Harvest Food Bank, which concludes next Wednesday, Dec. 20, Riverplace Tower is a collection site for Toys for Tots and Hunger Fight. Collection boxes for all three organizations are located on the plaza and concourse levels.

The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve’s Toys for Tots program collects and distributes new toys to local children in need. In Jacksonville, Company B, 4th Assault Amphibian Battalion is handling the duties for the Toys for Tots program this year. Donations of new, unwrapped toys ensure local kids in need can experience the joy and wonder of Christmas. Toys will be picked up prior to Christmas.

Hunger Fight works to relieve hunger in the First Coast and around the world. To raise funds for their unique “food packages,” they’re holding a shoe collection until Dec. 31. They’ll accept shoes in any style, color and condition. Helping others is as easy as going through your closet.

As a reminder, the Second Harvest donations will be picked up next Wednesday, Nov. 20. Toys for Tots will pick up their donations several days before Christmas, and Hunger Fight boxes will be collected by December 31.


Shepherd has arrived!

Welcome to Riverplace Tower

Gate Properties sent us this beautiful orchid to with a warm welcome. Our lobby will be home for the orchid.

Gate Properties sent us this beautiful orchid to with a warm welcome. Our lobby will be home for the orchid.

According to Jeri and others who supervised the move over the weekend, everything went well. No major assets broken, lost boxes or other catastrophies. Servers are up and running and we’re back to business! Whew!

A few updates for today:
Janitorial service – Gate Properties will provide janitorial service while we’re on the 10th floor, so sadly, we won’t see our friend Lonzie at the end of our day to talk football with him.

Phone service – AT&T visited us today. Looks like our phone service will be in place tomorrow, Tuesday. We’ll also get the new phone numbers for our conference and fax lines.

New Halloween tradition – Riverplace Tower has a lovely tradition for Halloween and has asked Shepherd to participate. About 65 children from the Chappell School, located on the concourse, go trick-or-treating in costume on Halloween morning, visiting other companies in the building. Next week, we’ll learn the time and number of children that will visit Shepherd.

If you have any questions about our new home, or need anything for your office, please leave a comment!

Tour of Riverplace Tower

Just a friendly reminder! Tomorrow morning we’ll tour the 10th and 11th floors of Riverplace Tower. Please be in the 10th floor lobby by 9:00. You may want to arrange carpools, meeting first at Bishopgate. The first hour of parking in both the garage and surface lot (in front of Crown Plaza Hotel) is free. If our time at the tower runs longer than an hour, Jeff will have $ to cover additional time. When you arrive, let the security officer know you’re going to the 10th floor; he’ll give you elevator access.

Please be on time. Because the 11th floor is under construction, the contractor has asked us to walk the floor together as one group.

In addition to the tour, we’ll have coffee, juice and bagels. See you there!

Fond memories of Bishopgate

A lot of memories have been made here at Bishopgate. As we prepare to move on, we asked a few folks to share their fondest or favorite memory that occurred at 500 Bishopgate. If you’ve got a memory – good or bad – share it! Photos and videos are welcome!

My favorite memory is the morning we found the Mercedes Benz in the St. Johns! We found out later that the owner was behind on his payments and tried to make it look like the car had been stolen and then driven into the river by crazed teenagers. Unfortunately for him, he did not realize the river was only 3 feet deep!

That's not a parking spot...

That’s not a parking spot…

Mike Barile and I assembled all of the Ikea furniture in the beginning and through the years, and for one of our redesigns (in 2002! I just found my expense report) I built the Japanese-style frames that initially housed our file cabinet “archives” down in the middle section and now have been repurposed to dress up the Fiery/archive machine area upstairs. There were some late nights on all of those projects.

Jay's Expense Report

Jay’s Expense Report from 2002

What are your favorite memories about 500 Bishopgate Lane? Watch Jackie and Nancy tell theirs:

A few facts about Riverplace Tower

Mailing Address
Our new mailing address is 1301 Riverplace Boulevard, Suite 1100, 32207. Because mail is delivered to a central mailroom on the concourse level for daily pick up, we’ll use our new permanent address starting Oct. 14. UPS, Fed Ex and courier deliveries should be made to Suite 1000 while we are working on the 10th floor.

After-hours building access
To enter Riverplace Tower before 6 a.m. or after 6 p.m., you must sign in at the security desk on the first floor. They will walk with you to the elevator and swipe a key card that will take the elevator to the 10th floor, or they will escort you to the floor.

Security escorts after hours

Riverplace Tower typically has two security officers on duty at all times. If you’d like an escort to your car after hours, simply make your request at the security desk in the lobby. You might have to wait a few minutes for a guard to return, but you will be escorted to your car, whether you’re parked in the garage or the surface lot.

Smoking areas
Riverplace Tower is a smoke-free building but smoking is allowed on the Riverwalk behind the building, on the front sidewalk or across the street.

The tower features two options where you can grab a quick bite or snack: the Southbank Grille and YCT, a sandwich/sundry shop. Both are on the concourse level. Look for food reviews of both in the near future.

Riverplace Tower has 8 elevators. It takes 33.87 seconds to get from the lobby to the 11th floor.

Riverplace Tower structure
Riverplace Tower has 28 floors, is 433 feet tall with 420,000 square feet of Class A office space. Construction started in 1966 and completed the following year. It was the tallest building in Florida until 1972 and the tallest building in Jacksonville until the Independent Life building (now the Wells Fargo Center) was built in 1974.

The tower doesn’t have interior columns; its structural support consists of the central core and the columns and beams outside the building. Each side of the building has two exterior vertical columns and horizontal beams that cantilever 42 feet to the building’s corners where glass meets glass, without column or wall.

What to expect at Riverplace Tower, 10th floor

Directory-at-Riverplace_SIGNLooks like we’ll be in temporary office space on the 10th floor till January. While we’re designing and building our new permanent office on the 11th floor, what can we expect of our temporary space?

We’re basically taking the 10th floor “as is,” which includes a few offices and a lot of open workspace. For the most part, our temporary office is an open work environment, without floor-to-ceiling walls or partitions. We’ll use our current office furniture; Suddath will move our desks, chairs, tables, file cabinets, bookcases, lamps, etc. Suddath will also move our computers. Please don ‘t pack your monitors or computers.

Internet Access
Internet service and capacity will be comparable to what we have now. We don’t anticipate any delays or issues sending data.

Break room
We have a break room with a sink, microwave, toaster oven and fridge, but no stove. Rather than packing kitchen wares twice, we’ll use paper products and plastic cutlery until our move to the 11th floor. Yeah, it’s not exactly an environmentally friendly, but you’re welcome to bring your own utensils, plates, bowls, coffee mug and drinking cups to reduce use of paper/plastic products. Keep in mind you’ll have to either hand wash or take them home every day since we don’t have an operational dishwasher.

Conference rooms
We’ll have two conference rooms; one room will be outfitted with furniture from the middle conference room, including the conference phone. Plans are in the making on how to furnish the other conference room, since it won’t accommodate our large conference table. Both rooms will have internet access, but we don’t plan to install TVs.

Shepherd is joining the University Club (for modest cost), so if we have new business or client meetings that require a more aesthetic environment, we can arrange to use the club’s meeting space on the 28th floor.

Riverplace Tower maintains the bathrooms, which are located off the elevator lobby. And yes, the bathroom tissue is much improved!

What more do you want to know about our space on the 10th floor? Leave a comment and we’ll respond!