Build-out of 11th floor nears completion

We’ve heard a lot of banging, grinding and drilling coming from the 11th floor recently, so we peeked at the progress.

Construction is nearing completion! Finishing touches such as painting and installation of drop ceilings, carpet and counter tops for the break room and catering kitchen are in progress and should be completed this week. The plan is to install furniture the week of Dec. 2, with installation of our key card access and noise suppression systems taking place December 9-20. We’re targeting the week of Dec. 16 for a full staff tour. If all goes as planned, we hope to move on Dec. 20 or 27.

We’re working closely with Suddath and Building IT to minimize any disruption to work, recognizing that we’re at capacity during December with production. The move to 11 certainly won’t require the same level of effort as our October move. Once again, Suddath will move our large file cabinets and select furniture. The plastic packing crates will make an appearance around mid-December, and Suddath will transfer those as well. Building IT will install phones and computers. Dex will relocate and set up the copiers and Fiery.

Flooring and the drop ceiling in the lobby are installed.

Flooring and the drop ceiling in the lobby are installed.

Offices along the account services hallway are now enclosed.

Offices along the account services hallway are now enclosed.

Catering kitchen cabinets and flooring are in; counter top will be installed this week.

Catering kitchen cabinets and flooring are in; counter top will be installed this week.

In the break room/collaboration area, cabinets and flooring have been installed, and furniture ordered.

In the break room/collaboration area, cabinets and flooring have been installed, and furniture ordered.

Router testing and fiber optic upgrade
Next Tuesday, Nov. 19, AT& T will install and test our router between 4:30 and 5:00. During the test, Jacksonville won’t have access to email, Appwright or the Internet. If all goes well (i.e., AT&T sends the correct router), we’ll have our fiber optic connection Tuesday night.

Old furniture going to charity
With new office furniture, we must find a home for our existing furniture. Before our move, we’ll conduct an inventory of all furniture and its condition. Some furniture will be taken to the Museum for event use, while the remainder will be donated to a local charity. Suddath has graciously agreed to deliver the furniture to the charity of our choice. So that begs the question: What worthy charitable organization should receive our old furniture? Leave a comment and we’ll report all the suggestions in a future post!

Holiday party on Nov. 30
There’s no better viewing spot for the annual Jacksonville Light Parade and Fireworks than our current 10th floor office. So bring your family and any out-of-town guests staying for Thanksgiving to our Holiday party on Saturday, Nov. 30, starting at 7:00. We’ll have beer, wine and other holiday drinks with hors de ‘oeuvres. Everyone’s invited to a tree trimming and we’ll have activity stations for the kids. Please RSVP to Theresa by Nov. 25.


Follow up from Oct. 4 Sneak Peek staff meeting

A few questions were raised last Friday during our staff meeting when we learned more about our permanent office space. Got your answers below!

Will the back entrance (to creative) be locked or accessible by key card?
Yes, both rear entrances, one to creative area and the second to the break room, will be locked. We’re researching the cost and timing to install a key card security system. Our front entrance will have a traditional bolt lock because the doors are all glass. To access the office after hours (before 6 a.m. and after 6 p.m.) you’ll need to check in with the security guard who will give you elevator access to the floor.

Will we use Suddath to move us from the 10th floor to the 11th floor?
We haven’t finalized all the details for our second move, but we’ll likely use Suddath again.

What is the demolition date for Bishopgate?
Hallmark Partners, the new owners, have not shared a date for demolition, but they’ve said it will be within 30 days of our move.

Should phones be packed in the blue crates or in the bags for all the peripheral computer items (keyboards, cords)?
No need to pack your phone. Building IT will pack phones and computer workstations.

Counting down the final week

Was it the appearance of the Suddath packing crates in the lobby or the demolition of the Duval County Medical Society building that initiated Wednesday’s frenzied packing and purging activities? Whatever the cause, we’re gaining momentum with only a week left until the move date.

Packing for Riverplace Tower
Every workspace, including common areas, has been assigned a number that tells movers where to place each crate/item on the 10th floor. Since our meeting on Tuesday, the floor plan numbering scheme changed. Go to the link below to get the final floor plan and your number.

Top packing tips:
• Number everything – your chair, your desk, your filing drawers, your computer, your blue moving crates – using the labels provided by Suddath. The self-adhesive labels have a space for you to write your workspace number. Go to Debbie’s desk to pick up your supply of labels.

• Use the blue plastic moving crates for stuff going to Riverplace Tower. Grab a rolling dolly and stack up to four crates on it. All crates and dollys are in the lobby.

• Leave the filled crates at your workspace. Suddath movers will take it from there.

• Mark your workspace layout on the sheet provided by Suddath. This will tell the movers where to place your furniture in your new workspace. Turn in the completed layout to Jeri on Thursday, Oct. 10.

Be sure to check Suddath’s complete moving instructions package for tips on how to pack and label all items going to Riverplace Tower.

10th-floor plan_Version 2
Suddath move instructions package

Contingency plan for servers
We are super prepared for transferring our servers to the new office.
How prepared are we?
• We are so prepared Building IT is testing the connection today, Oct. 4, and will carry on through next week.
• We are so prepared we have backup copies of our servers in three different locations.
• We are so prepared we even have three contingency plans in the event Murphy’s Law interferes with our need to be up and running on Oct. 14.

If it will make you feel more prepared, you are welcome to save your current project files to your desktop. But rest assured, your chances of needing to use it are .00001 percent*.

*Not a scientific calculation. Prepared by a marketing communications professional. This Pack-n-Purge update includes “forward-looking statements.” If underlying assumptions prove inaccurate or risks or uncertainties materialize, actual results may differ materially from those set forth in the forward-looking statements. Risks and uncertainties include but are not limited to: traffic conditions and driver aptitude during transport; acts of God e.g. hurricanes, earthquakes, lightning strikes, and Godzilla; and acts of Man e.g. explosions, terrorist attacks and ship captain steering errors.

Change of address notifications
Jeri submitted the agency’s change of address to the USPS. If you have magazine subscriptions or other personal mail delivered to Bishopgate, you’ll need to notify the senders of the address change. With every vendor payment, we’re including a notice of our new address. The same notice is included with invoices to clients, and, of course, our account services team is personally notifying their client contacts. On Oct. 10, we’ll add a new rotator and article to our website.

A few things about moving crates

Suddath has asked that we stack no more than four crates on one dolly. Folks upstairs do not have to bring packed crates downstairs; Suddath will move them.

We still have plenty of cardboard boxes for storage, they’ve just been moved. You can find them inside the small conference room. Remember, everything you want to go to storage must be packed and in the lobby by end of day Thursday!

We’re in the home stretch

Today’s meeting with Suddath and seeing the plan for the 10th floor was a reality check for many of us. Yes, this move is happening!

We’ve been steadily packing, purging and sending boxes to storage for the last several weeks. Today Suddath delivered plastic moving crates; use these crates to pack anything you want to take to Riverplace Tower.

A few reminders from our meeting:

  • Parking applications are due to Jeri tomorrow, Oct. 2.
  • All boxes for storage must be in the lobby by end of day Thursday, Oct. 3; the last trip to the storage site will be Friday, Oct. 4.
  • Everyone has been assigned a workspace number; click on the link below to get the latest floor plan version with workspace numbers.
  • Moving labels will be distributed later this week.
  • Place a Suddath label with your workspace number on anything you want taken to Riverplace Tower. If it doesn’t have a label, it won’t be moved.
  • Attach move labels to the short side of each crate.
  • Building IT will pack and package all computer equipment.
  • File cabinets currently located upstairs must be emptied for the move. If you want to take the contents to Riverplace Tower, pack them in a crate.
  • We are taking our existing office furniture; be sure every piece has a moving label adhered to a hard surface, rather than material.
  • Shiffy will inventory all Ikea workstations currently not in use. We’ll repurpose some for folks who currently don’t have a movable or usable desk (i.e., Shiffy, Nancy, etc.)
  • Fill out and give your furniture layout to Jeri before you leave on Oct. 11. When we tour the 10th floor next Wednesday, Oct. 9, all work areas will be outlined in tape so you’ll get a clear vision of your workspace views and orientation.

We’re moving in 2 weeks!

Suddath presentation
Please mark your calendars! On Tuesday, October 1, from 10-11:30 Taylor Calfee and Dan Singleton from Suddath will give us the scoop on the move – what we must do and what we can expect. Every one of us is responsible for correctly packing and labeling their office materials to Suddath’s requirements. And you may be needed to help with pack common areas. All materials going to Riverplace Tower must be packed in plastic crates supplied by Suddath. Crates will be available at this meeting, so grab one and move like Jagger to pack your stuff! If you’ve packed items in cardboard boxes, you’ll need to repack them.

Pack storage items today
It’s important that you pack items for storage during today’s Pack-n-Purge Party. All materials going into storage must be packed and in the lobby by Oct. 4 – that’s next Friday!

Office supplies
Next week, Jeri and Debbie plan to pack most office supplies, so get what you need early next week. Of course, small quantities of envelopes, stationery, and other items used daily will remain available, but the bulk of items in the supply cabinets will be packed.

Be here October 11
Although we won’t be open for business to service clients on October 11, it is a work day. We’ll spend at least part of the day wrapping up the last bit of packing and purging, so everyone is expected to show up in the morning.

Time to Bust a Move!

Boxes are busting out all over the Riverside office, while framing is up at Riverplace Tower. Looks like we’re moving!

Bust a move


Just a few reminders about packing:

  • Our first priority is packing items for storage.
  • Suddath will pack and move all Macs, PCs, monitors and small printers. You don’t have to pack these items. You will, however, be asked to put your keyboard, mouse and cords in a computer bag that Suddath will supply.
  • Suddath will provide plastic bins for materials bound for Riverplace Tower near the end of this month. They’ll also share with us how we should pack and label materials bound for Riverplace Tower.
  • Building IT will move our servers and phones.
  • Dex will move copiers, including the Fiery.

We’re making headway with purging and packing common areas:

  • Lobby graphic is disassembled and packed.
  • Upstairs closet and downstairs closet (by Carole’s office) are cleared out.
  • Publications library is packed.
  • Cabinets in the middle conference room and under the fax machine are packed.
  • We’re chipping away at the miscellany in the Harry Potter room.
  • Next week, artwork will be packed and stored.

As you know, we’re storing materials at The Museum (and paying a storage fee for the space). We’re reserving a room and marking off areas for each department to make retrieval easy. That’s why taping inventory forms to boxes is important – they indicate where boxes will be stored.

Parking Garage
If you’re interested in one of the 12 spaces available in the Riverplace Tower parking garage, let Jeri know by September 25. So far, 13 people have put their name in the hat. We’ll have a lottery for the parking spaces on Sept. 26.

Tours of Riverplace Tower
Plans are in the making for all of us to tour both 10th and 11th floors at Riverplace Tower. Remember, work is being done on both floors, so we have to coordinate with the contractors’ schedules.

Interior Design of 11th floor
This week Tom, Jeff Hite, Jeri and Kaz met with Connie Turner, our interior designer, to look at samples for flooring, ceiling, lighting, and other office accoutrements. Hope to have a design board to share in a couple of weeks.